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DPWH Begins Board Piling Works for Davao City Connector (SIDC) Project

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The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) reports that they have begun the civil works construction of the deep foundation of the 4.07-kilometer Samal Island-Davao City Connector (SIDC) Project on Monday, April 29. 


The ₱19 billion bridge project’s deep foundation will support a 570-meter land viaduct that extends to the Davao City side and 395-meter on the Samal Island side. It also includes a 350-meter western and a 510-meter eastern marine viaduct. 


Image from DPWH


The project is a collaboration between DPWH Unified Project Management Office – Bridges Management Cluster (UPMO-BMC) and its design-and-build contractor, China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). An inspection of the site was conducted on April 26 which was attended by Minister Counselor Yang Guoliang of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of the Philippines, together with DPWH Senior Undersecretary Emil K. Sadain.


At the time of the inspection, the project’s overall actual weighted physical accomplishment is at 3.5%. The detailed engineering design (DED) phase is at 93% completion. 


The SIDC project’s target year of accomplishment is 2027, just a year short before President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. ‘s term ends. Upon completion, the bridge is estimated to be used by 25,000 vehicles daily. 


Kickstarting the Overdue SIDC Project

In January of 2023, the China-funded bridge project was suspended over a right-of-way matter and failure to acquire lots that would be needed for the conduction of soil explorations. There were also environmental issues, such as the deforestation of at least 200 trees in the Davao area. However, the work resumption order (WRO)  was issued last February, after the approval of the DED, which is now nearing completion. 


Image from Sunstar


DPWH Project Engineer John Christian Gaden also offered a resolution to the issue by pledging to plant 100 trees for every tree cut down to make way for the project. The project was resumed after the approval of the DED, and the completion of the transfer of ownership of the properties necessary to be used as the landing site for the project. 


“The overall accomplishment for the bridge is at 3.457 percent. We have already accomplished the approval of DED plans for certain sections of the bridge. This bridge is a large-scale project so we opted to have it approved by section,” Gaden said.


The SIDC’s design includes ramps connected to the R. Castillo-Daang Maharlika junction in Davao City and a 24-meter wide at-grade road and roundabout at Brgy. Limao along Samal Circumferential Road, Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS).


The bridge is poised to accelerate progress and advancement, fueling economic expansion in the southern Philippines. It presents a strategic remedy to current transportation hurdles by offering an alternative to ferry services and creating a smooth connection between Davao City and Samal Island.


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