Going Digital: A Necessity for Social Distancing

Going Digital: A Necessity for Social Distancing

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The COVID-19 brought many challenges to almost all of the industries around the world and the construction industry is not an exemption. As the situation is not something that would be over in a matter of months, businesses are extending work-from-home setup and even implementing new shifting schedules to follow health and safety precautions when coming back to work is necessary. 

Today, more progressive construction firms are going the extra mile by equipping employees with technologies that are sure to boost work performance. This includes cloud technology and digital communication tools, which are useful in ensuring project efficiency and productivity. All of which aids in dealing with the challenges of working while adhering to social distancing measures. Here are three helpful digital tools you can explore:


Messaging Tools

While everyone is familiar with messaging apps, a lot of them only offer the bare minimum. Some do not even function properly on desktops and mobile devices. Still, there are apps out there that focus on providing team-based perks and features.

Here are two of the best team-based communication tools in the business:

  • Slack – It looks simple but there’s more to this communication tool than meets the eye. One of its best-known features is its integration with file-sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, making team collaboration efforts more seamless than ever. 

  • Microsoft Teams – A particularly new messaging software that integrates with Microsoft Office apps. It has wide customizability. Its user interface (UI) in the mobile version does not have the same familiarity as that of other mainstream messaging software. A downside of this app, however, is that it is resource hungry, making it difficult to run on lower-end laptops and mobile phones.


Your team can benefit from work-based messaging apps!

Cloud Storage 

Going digital means relying on cloud sharing for 90% of the time. Cloud storage not only makes data-storing easier, but it is also the best way to share document files. Users can also pay to upgrade storage capabilities for a monthly fee. Here are storage apps that are free and user-friendly:

  • Google Drive – This allows users to store up to 15gb worth of files. It’s also where you can use apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides which are basically cloud-based streamlined versions of Microsoft Office.

  • Microsoft OneDrive – Microsoft OneDrive was built to be used in collaboration with widely-used Microsoft softwares such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many more.

  • MEGA.nz – MEGA’s claim to fame is its 50gb free storage and its heavy emphasis on encrypted security. If you are in the construction business in the visuals department (3D modeling, concept art), then MEGA’s generous storage space would serve useful for large files. 


  OneDrive is all we need

Project Management Software

Project management apps focus on features contractors need for managing everything, from blueprints to keeping themselves up to date with accounts and the project’s timeline. As mentioned before, most project management tools are similar to each other but differ mostly on little things such as:

  • Employee Account Access

  • Employee Time Logging

  • Cloud Storage Capabilities

  • Messaging Capabilities

  • Budget Management

  • Construction Visualization

  • Report Creation


These project management apps will take some time for you to learn, but the payoff is going to be worth it.

Many of these time-saving apps aren’t free and often cost thousands of pesos to use per month. You can check some of these apps here.

Going digital is necessary for the safety of workers today and for the advancement of the construction industry. As the coronavirus can spread via inanimate objects like paper, leather, pens, adapting to these digital tools will minimize the risks of contracting the virus. While it may take some time to get used to, this change will propel the business into the future.

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