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Heads Up, Motorists: What You Need to Know About the New Single Ticketing System

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Motorists, be on the lookout! This is what will happen to the 2023 version of the Metro Manila Traffic Code, which was created over the course of more than 25 years. The MMDA has thankfully published a straightforward list of all traffic infractions and their corresponding fines under the new single ticketing system. The list, which was approved on February 1 by the Metro Manila Council, is based on the Metro Manila Traffic Code. Mayors from the National Capital Region made up this group. We should expect an improvement in city vehicular traffic and more attentive driving behavior in the first quarter of the year as a result of the full implementation of the new traffic code.


What is the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023?


The new single ticketing system helps minimize misunderstandings amongst the motoring population and requires local governments in the NCR to implement a uniform, standardized ticketing system that rationalizes fines and penalties for reckless drivers throughout Metro Manila. MMDA Resolution 23-02 states that the single ticketing system would unify the various national and local regulations on traffic enforcement to establish effective transport and traffic management in Metro Manila. Its approval and adoption will also aid in addressing various arresting practices, fine payments, license and plate redemption, as well as the inconsistent application of traffic laws that causes confusion among motorists, cost money and takes up valuable time.


The Land Transportation Office and local councils will now receive approval for the adoption of the standard fines and penalties. The most frequent traffic infractions are listed in the new traffic code, and they will all carry the same penalties in all local government units in the NCR. The fact that the MMDA will cover the costs of purchasing the hardware and technical requirements required for the LGUs’ seamless and simultaneous rollout of integration with the Land Transportation Management System of the LTO is an additional incentive for the LGUs that will implement the code (LTMS). The National Capital Region’s (NCR) new single ticketing traffic infraction system is anticipated to go into effect sometime in April, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). 


Single Ticketing System: A Guide to Violations and Fines


On the new system’s timeline, motorists will have around two months to adapt to the new system. This also means becoming aware of the new system’s prohibited driving violations. Some of the more prevalent ones include disobeying traffic signs, illegal parking, number coding UVVRP, the ban on trucks, reckless driving, driving without a license, operating an unregistered vehicle, the ban on tricycles, the required attire for motorcycle riders, the use of motorcycle helmets and seatbelts, the anti-drunk and drugged driving act, etc.


That said, after city mayors approved the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023 to simplify traffic management for the capital region, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority provided a quick summary of the most frequent infractions and corresponding fines under a single ticketing system. Indeed, even your payment methods and fine-payment amounts. As offenses rise, some violations are penalized with higher fines. You pay more every time you violate the law.


Common Violations 


  • Tricycle BanP500 fine
  • For disregarding traffic signs, Illegal Parking Attended, Obstruction, Overloading, Defective Motor Vehicle Accessories, Loading and Unloading in Prohibited Zones, and OverspeedingP1,000 fine
  • For Illegal Parking Unattended, Light Truck Bar, and Unauthorized ModificationP2,000 fine 
  • Truck BanP3,000 fine 


The amount you must pay for each offense is determined by the number of offenses that fall under a certain threshold. One P1,000 fine is imposed for each subsequent violation of a traffic sign. An additional P1,000 will be lost if you do it again. Keep in mind that the fifth time will cost you an additional P1,000, so we hope you don’t make that mistake five times.


Reckless Driving (other violations) 


  • The first offense – P1,000 fine
  • The second offense – P2,000 fine
  • The third offense – P2,000 fine with a seminar


Reckless driving is punishable by a P1,000 fine for the first offense and a P2,000 fine for the second. The third offense carries a P2,000 fine as well as a seminar.


Dress Code for Motorcycles 


  • The first offenseP500 fine 
  • The second offenseP750 fine 
  • The third offenseP1,000 fine 


For the first offense, you must pay P500; for the second, P750; and for the third and subsequent offenses, P1,000.


Illegal Counterflow


  • The first offenseP2,000 fine 
  • The second and subsequent offensesP5,000 penalty


Illegal Counterflow is punishable by a P5,000 fine for subsequent offenses after a P2,000 fine is assessed for the first offense.

Traffic Violations Under Special Law


  • Not wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycleP1,500/P3,000/P5,000/P10,000
  • Utilization of Helmets Without ICC MarkingsP3,000/P5,000
  • Failure to Use a Child Safety Seat/ Restraint SystemP1,000/P2,000/P5,000
  • Utilization of Insufficient Child Safety SeatsP1,000/P3,000/P5,000
  • Failure to Fasten SeatbeltP1,000

Why is it essential to follow this new system? While it may It take a long time to develop great innovations in governance, this leads to a direction from conception to adoption and implementation. Luckily, with careful consideration and in-depth research on the part of those who support a novel idea, this is particularly one that will have an impact on the lives of millions of people, and will precisely inform both the public and law enforcement about the activity that is being mandated.




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