5 Lucky House Design Based on Feng Shui

5 Lucky House Design Based on Feng Shui

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  • Everyone wishes to live in a lucky home. We all hope for a bit of good fortune; the feeling that everything will always turn out OK, and the assurance that it will; the luck that brings prosperity, good health, happiness, and plenty.

    What if you could plan for good fortune? What if you could incorporate it into your home with Feng Shui? Would you build a lucky house if you could?

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    Homes with good flow, good design, and good vibes are lucky houses as well, and often have Feng Shui built right into them, whether the owners know it.


    Here are some Feng Shui-inspired decoration ideas to help you turn your house into a lucky one.


    1. Clear, easy-to-find entry

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    In Feng Shui, the door is your face to the world. Feng Shui is very important in the way your home looks. These following things are very important:

    • Was it easy to find the front door?
    • Does the doorbell work?
    • It is clean and well lit?

    Here are some guidelines for the entry foyer:

    1. Make sure there isn’t a wall or stairs less than six feet away from the door.
    2. This space should have enough light.
    3. Avoid homes with another door or a big window right next to the front door.


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    2. Entry door colors

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    Look at your front door. It’s important to make sure it’s in good shape. Front doors are called “mouths of qi,” or universal life force energy, in Feng Shui. This means that the front door is the primary way we can get positive energy and new chances.

    Here’s the list of colors and their corresponding meaning that are good to paint on your front door, based on Feng Shui:

    • Fiery Red ― good luck, protection and fire energy
    • Yellow ― self-care, stability, calmness
    • Gray or white ― precision, beauty, and elegance
    • Vibrant blue or green ― growth, kindness, and flexibility


    3. Easy-to-move furniture arrangement

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    Feng Shui is all about letting energy flow through your home. That means getting rid of things in your rooms so you can move freely, giving your home a sense of space and making it easy to move from one part of the house to another.

    It could be as simple as moving furniture and getting rid of a few items. You want your furniture to be in a continuous circle around your home, capturing energy as it moves through your home. This way, the energy stays inside the house and won’t slip away.

    De-clutter your cabinets and closets so that energy can flow freely from one area of your home to the next. Fix or remove anything that’s broken, including fixtures.


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    4. Rooms near the front door

    Ideally, you want the public parts of your home to be near the front of the house and the private parts to be near the back.

    But based on Feng Shui, the kitchen, living room, and home office should be near the front door. Because this is where the family gathers and welcomes friends and visitors, it seems reasonable that it is near the front door. It’s in the open now.

    The back part of the house is a better location for private spaces, like bedrooms. Grandparents and other senior members of the family were traditionally in the back of the house. There is more protection, power, and influence the further back you are.


    5. Spiral stairs are a big no-no

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    First, spiral staircases are a big no-no in terms of Feng Shui. Avoid them at all costs.

    Feng Shui is tough when there are many steps, like in a split-level home. It signifies that your life will be full of highs and lows.

    In addition, Feng Shui experts warn against placing stairs within six feet of either the front door or the center of the house.


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    Use these ideas to design your own lucky house and welcome luck into your home.


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