Is MOA Globe under maintenance? Here are Ways to Maintain Steel Structures

Is MOA Globe under maintenance? Here are Ways to Maintain Steel Structures

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The giant steel-framed globe, a 31-foot steel structure on a roundabout in front of MOA, also known as the ‘MOA Globe’, greeted visitors of the mall since 2006.

Steel structures give the MOA Globe its precise shape. Structural steel is a type of steel building material that is made of a certain shape and chemical composition to meet the project’s needs.


Photo from: SM Mall of Asia Official/Facebook


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How are steel structures maintained?

With the Globe’s whereabouts now put to rest last week, SM Management confirmed the landmark is currently receiving repairs. Here’s how SM MOA, and other companies, maintain their steel structures:

1. Regular inspection and monitoring.

Steel structures require constant maintenance, inspection, and monitoring to ensure that they continue to provide completely reliable function long after their initial projected life cycle has passed. Well, the MOA Globe gets its regular inspection.

The management implements regular inspection to ensure proper maintenance of these structures. Structure maintenance should ideally comprise both analytical analysis and onsite inspection by a team of personnel who can handle both.

What are Methods of Steel Structure Design? - The Constructor

Photo Courtesy: The Constructor

2. Clean the steel framework.

Cleaning the steel framework is also vital to remove any dust that has accumulated and could cause scratches or dull the structure, especially when the MOA Globe has been used for multiple promotions. Any mold that has formed around it because of moisture exposure should be removed.


3. Repair minor flaws.

Carry out minor repairs as quickly as possible, before the steeled structures deteriorate further and cause structural damage. It is preferable not to leave any holes in the steel framework or cracks in the paint for the future if they find them. You never know when minor flaws can turn into major issues that will affect your steel structure’s complete structure. 


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4. Replacement and reinforcement.

Fasteners or fittings that are prone to corrosion are routinely used to connect structural steel piles. This requires regular maintenance. Routine maintenance includes tightening or replacing bolts and replacing cracked or corroded fittings. 

Replacement and reinforcement of the base is also part of mooring fittings maintenance. Cast steel fittings of the same size and capacity as the old ones for the replacement.

Keep a stationary or floating object attached to the rest of the vessel when loading or unloading. As the MOA Globe is located close to the seaside, it can endure a variety of factors, including wind, current, tide, and waves.

steel structure detail

Photo Courtesy: Havit Steel Structure

Corrosion can damage and deteriorate these structures. Reinforcing H-piling by welding steel plates onto flanges and web is suited for localized corrosion. Welding reinforcing rods across the damaged area along the main axis of the restored member is another method of strengthening.

Reinforcing plates should be thick enough to restore the piling’s previous strength, while being large enough to encompass and extend beyond the corroded area’s extremities. Clean and hone the old steels to a thickness that allows for a robust weld. Feather cut edges to eliminate cracks, completely welding around the plate.


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To summarize, maintaining steel structures involves reinforcing and updating all of its components.

The elements that make up the steel-framed globe of MOA may only require less maintenance and few repairs because of their endurance and capacity to endure. From its inception in 2006 to its current status as a popular tourist site, regular care and maintenance will assure its long-term viability and sustainability.



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