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Paano I-Calculate Yan?: How to Calculate the Standard Size of Countertops

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Countertops play a very important role in the functionality of a kitchen, which makes it an essential fixture in any home. However, apart from their function, countertops also contribute a lot to the overall aesthetics of a space, and their inclusion in a home is a visual cherry on top that can complete any interior design project. Horizontal surfaces with edged or curved ends, countertops serve various purposes that can fulfill a homeowner’s individual preferences and their practical needs. 


Installing countertops in a home is a complicated but rewarding task. Many countertops are designed and arranged to fit into a specific measurement of space inside a home, which makes looking for a replacement challenging for some homeowners who are looking to redesign their spaces. Knowing the standard size of a countertop helps when figuring out the measurement of your countertop, making it easier to find the perfect replacement. In this article, we will explain how you can calculate the standard size of countertops to use for measuring the dimensions of your countertop.


Calculating The Standard Size of Countertops 

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Calculating the standard size of countertops can help you determine the measurements of your countertop. According to Granite and Marble Specialties, the most common shape of a kitchen countertop is L-shaped in a 50 feet by 50 feet kitchen space, while the National Building Code of the Philippines declares that the standard size of a kitchen should be no less than 3 square meters or 32 feet with a horizontal dimension of 5 feet. The standard size we will be discussing in this article is based on the most common dimensions of a kitchen countertop in international measures since data confirming the standard countertop in the Philippines is not available as of publishing. 


The Magic Number

The standard size of a countertop can be measured by referring to the most commonly used measurements of a kitchen countertop, which is L-shaped in a 50 by 50 feet kitchen. According to Granite and Marble Specialties, the standard measurement of L-shaped countertops in these dimensions is 110 inches on the longer leg and 84.5 inches on the shorter leg. The common surface measurement of the countertop tile is 25.5, based on the standard 24 inches with the commonly added 1.5-inch overhang. 


To calculate the standard size of the countertop, simply take each measurement of the countertop and multiply it by 25.5, which is the common countertop tile measurement. For example, take the longer leg of the countertop, which is 110 inches, and multiply it by 25.5. Afterwards, divide the solution by 144, or the total of 12 inches multiplied by 12 inches which refers to one square foot. 


Sample equation:


110” x 25.5” =  2,805” / 144 (1 square foot) = 19.47


To calculate your own countertop, simply take the width and the length of the surface, multiply the length by the width, and divide the solution by 144 to get your countertop’s square foot. Note that the “standard” can vary significantly based on the location, trends, and evolving preferences of homeowners and may change over time. 


The Beauty of Countertops

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Countertops serve both functional and aesthetic purposes and they are necessary fixtures that complete a home’s interior design and practicality. Countertops are versatile and can be made from a lot of different materials that suit the preferences of the homeowner. Customizations are very common and a wide range of design possibilities are available to suit an individual’s design preferences and needs. Figuring out the dimensions of a standard countertop is essential in helping homeowners calculate their own countertops to complete renovations and upgrades. By referring to the instructions and the sample equation above, you can create your estimate of your countertop and find the best replacement for your home. 



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