Paano Mag-Renew ng Business Permit in 2024? - Pinoy Builders

Paano Mag-Renew ng Business Permit in 2024?

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Making sure that your construction business complies with all the legal requirements is important to keep your business in operation. And as the new year quickly approaches, there is a need for business owners to check the validity of their services. This is important not only to conform to the law but also to guarantee that the business offers nothing but quality service and legal operations that follow all the standards of their industry– including all the updates, revisions, and changes, if any.

The process of renewing a business permit in the Philippines is straightforward and follows a clear, step-by-step process. However, it is important to understand that not all business renewal processes are the same, especially for businesses that belong to different industries. Additional measures, requirements, and documents may be required depending on the specifications of a business. In this article, we will discuss a general, step-by-step guide on how to renew your business permit in the Philippines next year. 


How To Renew Business Permit in 2024

Many businesses in the Philippines renew their permits annually during a certain period at the beginning of the year. A business permit, also known as a mayor’s permit, is one of the three important business documents that is required to be renewed annually. Depending on the location of the business, required documents may vary. This applies to all types of business, whether there is a physical store or if the operations are done online. Below is a general step-by-step guide on how to renew a business permit in the Philippines. 


1. Get an updated Barangay Clearance

A barangay clearance is one of the three important documents that businesses must obtain in order to legally operate in their local government unit (LGU). To get your business permit renewed, you must secure a new barangay clearance. Renewing the clearance would require other documents, including the previous certificate, to be submitted to the barangay hall for assessment before the clearance is granted. 


Below is a list of other documents to prepare for the renewal of a barangay clearance. It is important to note that not all of these documents are going to be required and additional files may be requested depending on the specific situation of the business. 


  • 2 completed Barangay Clearance Application Forms
  • Previous Barangay Clearance
  • The official receipt of the previous Barangay Clearance


2. Get a Business Permit renewal form at the city hall. 

After getting the new Barangay clearance, proceed to the city hall to get a business permit application form. This document must be filled out and submitted for assessment before the renewed permit can be issued. 


3. Submit all required documents 

Apart from the business permit renewal form, there are other documents that the business owner must obtain to get an updated business permit. These documents must be official or copied and should be submitted to the city hall in order to complete the renewal application process. Below is a list of documents that may be required from a business owner for the completion of their application. It is important to note that there may be additional documents and other specific requirements depending on the type of business or the location of the LGU.

  • Previous year’s Business Permit
  • Community Tax Certificate or Receipt
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
  • Occupation and Zoning Clearance Certificate 
  • Audited Financial Statement from the previous year


4. Pay the processing fee

After submitting all the required documents to the city hall, secure the application by paying the processing fee at the accounting office. After settling the fee, make sure to keep the receipt of the payment. This receipt is a necessary document to provide proof to the authorized agent who will issue the renewed business permit. 


5. Pick up your renewed business permit. 

The scheduled pickup date is provided after the payment of the processing fee. Make sure to go on the scheduled date of the permit release to avoid problems with the issuance. Bring the processing fee payment receipt to get the business permit. 


Renewing Business Permits for the Upcoming 2024

Renewing business permits is a necessary step that every business must follow to comply with local regulations. In addition to this, an updated business permit is something that many clients may ask to review– it is proof of your business’ legitimacy and an indicator of high credibility. Review the guide we provided above and equip your business with all the necessary qualifications for the upcoming year. 



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